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Demo of Traffic Analysis

Motion Model

The motion is modeled using the dynamic texture, a generative probabilistic model. The following example shows the model of the motion flow of light, medium, and heavy traffic. Click the image to play the video clip (DivX format, should be viewable with RealPlayer or Windows Media Player). The original sequences contains 50 frames and the model is extrapolated to 100 frames.

Classification Examples

This is an example of classification of traffic congestion under sunny, overcast, and nighttime lighting conditions. The classifier was trained only with daytime sequences, yet still performs well on nighttime scenes. Below are a few test sequences with their classification results.

Retrieval Examples

This is an example of the retrieval system. The far left column contains the query video, and the video to the right are the top five returns. The system performs equally well with query videos taken during the daytime or nighttime. Some of the video have raindrops on the camera lens, which cause occlusion and blurring (3rd and 5th results of the 2nd night query).