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Examples of Semantic Image Annotation

These are examples of semantic annotation using semantic multi-class labeling (SML) on the Corel5k database. The human (ground-truth) annotations are also shown. Note that, when the system annotates an image with a descriptor not contained in the human-made caption, this annotation is frequently plausible.

Human sky jet plane smoke bear polar snow tundra water beach people sunset buildings clothes shops street
SML smoke clouds plane jet flight polar tundra bear snow ice sunset sun palm clouds sea buildings street shops people skyline
Human grass forest cat tiger coral fish ocean reefs mountain sky clouds tree leaf flowers petals stems
SML cat tiger plants leaf grass reefs coral ocean fan fish mountain valley sky clouds tree petals leaf flowers lily stems
Human sky jet plane smoke sky clouds formation sunset snow fox arctic water boats waves
SML plane jet smoke flight prop sea sun sunset waves horizon arctic snow polar fox ice coast waves boats water oahu
Human tree restaurant street statue water boats harbor skyline people street cars festival sky buildings street cars
SML statue street tree buildings castle skyline boats coast shore water street cars village buildings people street buildings bridge sky arch
Human sky sun clouds tree city sun water water rocks cat tiger coral ocean reefs
SML sun sea sunset clouds horizon sun sunset city horizon clouds rocks cat tiger water shore ocean coral reefs fish fan
Human sky people ruins temple tree house garden lawn flowers house garden field horses mare foals
SML statue buildings temple stone ruins garden cottage house tree path garden plants tree house flowers mare foals horses field meadow
Human stone temple sculpture pillar people stone statue pillar tree birds nest water whales
SML pillar statue temple stone sculpture pillar sculpture statue people stone plants leaf petals bird branch whales wave oahu shore coast
Human mountain plants valley desert mountain water horizon sunrise water pool athlete swimmers water people pool swimmers
SML valley desert mountain sand water sun sea sunset land horizon swimmers people water pool athlete swimmers pool people water athlete
Human water bridge train railroad people girl indian wall cars tracks formula mountain sky tree snow
SML sky bridge locomotive water train girl man indian people hats cars formula straightaway tracks buildings mountain tree sky snow parks

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