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Getting to SVCL

  SVCL is located in EBU-1 (Engineering Building Unit-1), Room 5512, of the UCSD campus
  Driving instructions from US addresses to the UCSD campus (9500 Gilman Drive,San Diego 92093) are available here.
  Directions from I-5:
  • Exit on the La Jolla Village Drive
  • Take the Gillman Drive exit
  • Pass the Visitor Information Center
  • Follow Gillman Drive until the intersection with Voigt Drive
  • Turn left on Voigt and see directions from Voigt and Gillman
  Directions from Genesee Avenue:
  • Turn on Campus Point Drive (left turn from South, right turn from North)
  • Turn right on Voigt Drive
  • Follow Voigt Drive until intersection with Gillman Drive
  • See directions from Voigt and Gillman
  Directions from Voigt and Gillman:
  • Follow Voigt until intersection with Matthews Lane
  • Turn right to continue on Voigt
  • After Equality Lane you will see a Parking Lot on the right
  • The parking lot entrance is on Engineers Lane (right turn)
  • Turn left on Engineers Lane and follow to the Jacobs School of Engineering
  A PDF file with the above map and directions
  Another source of information is the UCSD campus map.
Parking tips: parking can be difficult at UCSD. The best bet is to use one of the parking lots with visitor spaces. The first choice would probably be the main parking structure on Gilman drive. You will need to bring coins, parking is mettered. There are also other options, see the UCSD parking site for details.