Shiraz University


With external devices, Single
L:360mm * W:360mm * H:380mm, 9kg, 50mm/s
Line-trace, Vision sensor,
Sensors using light wave, Hand,

Color camera with computer vision detection and recognition algorithms. Forward and backward movement of robot caused by non-directional rotation of motor shaft and robot turns by uni-directional rotation of motor shaft. Robot can turn around its axis. Very maneuverable and stable design. The Two arms have both horizontal and vertical motions. Line tracking (with 7 sensors).

Trash-Finder's appearance is like a cylindrical vacuum-cleaner with two arms and a three partitioned basket inside and a door in back .Trash-Finder uses 6 stepper motors , a CMOS sensor camera ,an infra red light,7 light sensors ,7 micro-switches and one coil. Movement of the robot is controlled by two stepper motors. Two flat typed ball bearings are screwed to the bottom surface of robot for stability. Using computer vision, Trash-Finder first finds objects with its camera, then detects the closest one and goes towards it. At this time another photo will be taken for recognizing which object (can, soap box or ball) is between its arms for proper object placement within its partitioned basket. If the object is a soap box, the program will also recognize which letter of the alphabet has been written on the soap box for extra points. It will then lift the object and drop it into the appropriate sector of the partitioned basket. The coil is used as a lock for the back door. A weight is hooked to the arms for counterbalancing.